Collection of Doordarshan Ads, Advertisements from 80s and 90s

If now we look at these Doordarshan ads, it may not appear top quality, but that was the era when things were so different, right from the way those models acted, photography, cinematography, background music, Amin Sayani style dialogue throwing. That was the magic of that era, when advertisements were slotted prior to the start of the programs like Chitrahar (collection of weekly Bollywood songs), Sunday movie or soaps at 9.

Some of the ads that ruled during 80s and 90s

Lifebuoy Advertisement 1992

Old Classic Indian Ad of Vicco Turmeric featuring Sangeeta Bijlani

2 awesome Gold Spot Advertisements

Vicks Goli advertisement featuring Jayant Kripalni, an Indian classic

Rasna Ad featuring now South Indian actress, Ankita as Rasna girl

Another Rasna advertisement

Titan Watch ad, music composed by AR Rahman

Hamara Bajaj advertisement from 1989

Tata Tea Commercial – 1996, Remake of Chumma Chumma dey dey – HUM featuring Anu Kapoor of Ashiqui fame and Javed Jafri

Colgate Gel ad featuring Aishwarya Rai. The song was sung by KK.

Nescafe Indian Advert 1998. Check out Hotmail looked like in 1998

Surf Lalita Ji advertisement. Not Rahul, but kids in those days were named Ravi.

Parle G 1989 popular TV advertisement

Dabur Amla Oil advertisement featuring Jaya Prada and Deepika Chikhlia (1985-1986)

Vicks Inhaler Advertisement (1987-1988)

Bajaj Sevashram Brahmi Amla Hair Oil ad featuring Poonam Dhillon

Dabur Hajmola commercials

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  1. Where do we get below ads

    In the ad, when a bodybuilder asks his sister-in-law, understandably in a village, to bring him some “doodh-badam” (almond in milk) and “koyla” (charcoal), she immediately retorts: ” Arre wah devarji, badan ke liye doodh-badaam, aur daaton ke liye koyla? (Wow! a health drink for the body but charcoal for the teeth?)”. A voice-over then prods viewers to use Colgate tooth powder because “khurdare padaarth” (abrasive substances) can spoil enamel -the outermost covering of the teeth.

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