Times of India’s anti-environment, visually polluting advertisement

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When the world goes gaga over environmentalism, Times of India has come out with a queer advertisement which will not certainly go well with people who advocate protection of natural resources. The ad in question is for Aami Udita, a Bengali women’s magazine from the Times Group, is seen with the magazine’s name being unpleasantly engraved on a tree, that too inside a repugnant ‘love’ mark sign.

Aami Udita Times of India ad

I know we should not blame Times of India per se for this embarrassing social blunder. It carries out many social promotions through its Foundation, encourages corporate social responsibility, public private partnership, capacity building, it’s Teach India campaign is one of its kind and its Lead India Campaign won first ever Direct Grand Prix for India at the Cannes Lions 2008. (TOI Report)

May be the creative team was not exposed to ads like this

Incredible India ad

Lead India Ad

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