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100+ greatest advertising slogans of all time [Updated 2024]

100+ The most memorable advertising sllogans of all time

The best advertising slogans are memorable and fit with the times. A good slogan is brief, yet memorable.

There are slogans, and then there are taglines. Slogans sum up what a company stands for, whereas a tagline concludes an ad, usually a commercial, with a quick sign off.

Think about the brands that you know well, and perhaps even love. Chances are, it’s not just a brand name you’re recalling, but a tagline, too. Almost all brands, products, and large corporations have some kind of tagline. Some are timeless, others get replaced every decade, or even sooner if it’s just not resonating with the public.

Some of the most memorable slogans of all time – “Where’s the beef?” or “Just do it” – not only sell the brand, but became synonymous with it

When you hear the phrase, “Just do it,” the first thing that comes mind is probably, Nike. What about “Open happiness,” “The pause that refreshes,” or “It’s the real thing”? Those phrases belong to Coca-Cola.

That’s the power of a good slogan. They’re designed to stay with you seemingly endless repetition through commercials and billboards don’t hurt either).

There are slogans, and then there are taglines. According to brand consultant Laura Ries at Advertising Age, “Taglines are like the road sweepers at the end of a parade … they seldom position the brand.” A slogan, when done right, “sums up a company’s strategy,” she adds.

The TOP 100 Advertising Taglines Ever

Here are 100+ most memorable and recognizable slogans and taglines in advertising history.

1. DeBeers: Diamonds are forever – 1948

Campaign that created sustained obsession in consumers mind
And Diamonds Became Forever
Many believe it is by far the best case-study of emotional branding for a product without any intrinsic value.
A Diamond is forever:  An ultimate gem of an idea and an enduring emblem of love

Not many Americans proposed with the diamond engagement ring in the 1930s. For a long time diamond was viewed as symbols of wealth, power and decadent romantic dreams—a stone too precious and expensive to attain, writes AAAA. Then an ad campaign changed everything. Jewelry retailer De Beers hired N.W. Ayer & Son, an advertising agency based out of Philadelphia. Frances Gerety, the female copywriter who never married (pic above) came up with greatest professional achievement in the form of “A Diamond is Forever” which arguably has helped to create a sense of emotional attachment to the diamond engagement ring. And created a multibillion-dollar industry out of it. Since then, from 1947 through 1970, Ms. Gerety dedicated herself to De Beers. The tagline forever changed public attitudes, made diamond precious gemstone of choice for engagement virtually worldwide. The slogan became a symbol of enduring love weaving itself into popular culture and inspiring books, films, and songs. In 1999, Advertising Age proclaimed it the slogan of the century.

2. Nike:  Just do it, 1976

The surprising and morbid origin story of Nike’s slogan started with a murder. In 1976, Gary Gilmore murdered a gas-station employee. His lawyers tried to appeal the sentence, but something unusual happened: Gilmore insisted on execution. Before his execution, Gilmore reportedly was asked for any last words. His reply: “Let’s do it,” took much of media space and inspired advertising executive Dan Weiden who coined the term, Just Do It. Full story here.

3. Volkswagen: Think Small, 1959

It is believed that Volkswagen has changed the course of advertising with the ‘Think Small’ campaign. With its perfect blend of wit, humor and appreciation for the intelligence of the customer, it won Americans over in the 50’s and 60’s. Beautifully simple, surprising, minimalistic and relevant even today.

Who would have thought a funny looking car that was named after a bug (beetle), known for not being the fastest and manufactured in factories built by the enemy state would become apple of American eyes?

During 50s and 60s, post WWII, when cars were giants, testosterone boosters and fashion statements, folks at Volkswagen disrupted the traditional narrative with an honest appeal.

With their legendary “Think Small” campaign, DDB did the exact opposite of what every other car ad was doing: They were brutally, boldly and cleverly honest. The truth was that the Volkswagen Beetle was a small, slow and ugly foreign car. By admitting that, and explaining why those were good things, DDB turned the VW Bug into an iconic piece of American pride. Source

An ad heritage that inspires goodwill even today. Yes, the ad is relevant even today. Not just in popular culture or our collective conscience but on more functional fronts too. Volkswagen advertising still uses a similar layout to those first created by the reluctant art director, Helmut Krone. The original agency, DDB still manages the Volkswagen account.

4. Coca Cola: The pause that refreshes, 1929

Coca-cola has many slogans over the last century. Check it up here. This partcular marketing strapline is my favorite as it seems relevant even today. It talks about taking time to pause and refresh brains.

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500+ All Time Great Ad Slogans

500 great taglines of all time

The best brand slogans or taglines become part of our everyday conversations. They not just impact behaviors and thus increase sales but also evoke strong emotions or flavors of time gone by. Through decades, these unforgettable phrases encapsulated promises of the brands, made some of them cult and timeless.

More than marketing or brand campaign, often, these straplines also help us find moments of truth in the history of that company. And, sometimes, it speaks about its philosophy too and act as silent testament of time.

Here, I have curated about 500+ most successful – and some of the most forgettable – slogans used by the world’s top brands ever.

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