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5 bottled-water ads

Watta Pure Water’s controversial ads use paparazzi-style photos. Buzzfeed’s Copyranter calls our attention to what may be some of the sleaziest ads for bottled water you’ve ever seen. Ad agency Avance WWP created these paparazzi-esque ads for Watta Pure Water, to run in the Guatamalan market.

What do you think of the ad? Tacky or edgy?



Coca-Cola South Pacific launched Glaceau smartwater’s major new Australian summer campaign, fronted by global superstar Jennifer Aniston who has been brought on board as brand ambassador.

Toned Jennifer Aniston front man for Glaceau



Nothing comes between Ashley Greene and her SoBe. That’s the premise. And to prove it, “The Twilight Saga” actress is celebrating the launch of SoBe Lifewater’s newest 0 calorie flavors – Cherimoya Punch and Strawberry Dragonfruit – by posing in SoBe skinsuits for the pages of Sports Illustrated’s iconic Swimsuit issue. 

SoBe Water Ad with Ashley Green (sourced from Twilight


This Fackingen ad was not approved by the client. However, it has found its place in Behance and now considered a milestone in the photoshopped print ad genre.


Fackingen water ad


A woman is reshaped to ‘perfection’ in stunt for Vitasnella as it aims to challenge stereotypical notions of beauty. 

Water brand Vitasnella and Saatchi & Saatchi Italy invited people to carve out what they believed to be the “perfect woman” by letting them digitally reshape someone’s real, female form.

The agency and brand worked with production company Unit9 to develop a multi-camera projection mapping system that captured a real woman from various angles. Eight people were then invited to morph her body as they wished, in real time, according to their personal standards of the “perfect” beauty.

The participants, both men and women, then digitally poked, prodded and squeezed her into something she wasn’t. Ultimately, the film shows the transformed woman taking a sip of Vitasnella water and then reverting back to her beautiful, real self — promoting an empowering female-targeted message that’s become more popular in advertising today. With the film, the brand wants to show its support of women’s physical, as well as emotional health2.

Vitasnella water ad