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Radio Advertising

01 Oct

Radio Advertising slogans taglines punchlines

Kia Motors (Sector: Automotive) Radio Ad slogan: The power to surprise Blackberry with Vodafone (Sector: Telecom, Electronics & Technology) Radio Advertising tagline: It’s not for office guys anymore Otrivin Nasal Spray (Sector: Pharmaceutical) Radio Commercial tagline: Pleasure of breathing. Otrivin – nasal spray Kruidvat (Sector: Pharmaceutical) Radio Advertising slogan: Always

20 Jun

BBC world service in America ad: See both side of the story

Since my childhood I have been hearing praises about BBC News Service and how its news programming is the best in the world, unbiased, clear and how it maintains the same standard in so many world languages. Later, while growing up I realized that along with all these qualities BBC

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