Shahid in VIP ad: premium and classy in look, feel and design

Shahid Kapoor has been signed on for VIP Luggage’s Nuovo brand. Khans and Akshay Kumar may still dance with early twenties, but they do fall in the 40+ bracket, Hritik Roshan and Abhishek Bachchan (more domesticated, specially the later one) belong to 30+ categories. Along with Ranbir, Neil Nitin Mukesh and Imran Khan, Shahid’s appeal more lies with the teenagers. He also seems a perfect fit with the young guns that just may have joined in their first jobs and raring to go, bundled with spirit of aspirations.

For VIP it’s a conscious shift from Kal Bhi Aaj Bhi proposition to more young imagery. Shahid’s Nuovo What’s your trip seems a natural progression from Bye Bye, Happy Journey commercials.

Talent management company Bling! is taking care of Shahid’s portfolio. Atul Kasbekar, chairman and managing director, Bling! told afaqs!, “After Clinic All Clear, Shahid was
very determined that he would endorse a brand only when his films were successful. He’s like an uncut diamond that was just waiting to be discovered by brands.”

The ads wear a tagline, “what’s your trip?” Obviously to bond an association between travel and luggage. It also may mean what a place can stand for a traveler beyond a mundane visit or about satisfying an unexplored inner need.  The ads seems trying to elicit an experience or trigger a force to live one’s dream with a perfect journey compatible (from soft to rugged) VIP Nuovo.

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