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Vintage Advertising

26 Nov

Volkswagen slogans, advertising taglines, volkswagon catch phrases, advertising phrases, punchline, motto, captions, print ads, TV commercials

Advertising Slogan: Volkswagen. Drivers wanted. (US marketing campaign) Television Commercial Ad tagline: For the love of the car TVC Ad slogan: It’s ugly, but it gets you there Advertisement tagline: You’re missing a lot when you own a Volkswagen Marketing slogan: Every new one comes slightly used Advertising caption: Why

01 Nov

Collection of Doordarshan Ads, Advertisements from 80s and 90s

If now we look at these Doordarshan ads, it may not appear top quality, but that was the era when things were so different, right from the way those models acted, photography, cinematography, background music, Amin Sayani style dialogue throwing. That was the magic of that era, when advertisements were

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