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11 Sep

Social Networking Promotion: 7 rules to promote business via social networking Sites

It’s always a good idea to promote business through social networking sites along with other form of advertising and promotion. Online marketers seriously believe that through social networking slowly and steadily not a business can create a brand of its own but also can derive a lot of additional traffic,

04 Sep

David Beckham in Adidas Dicks Sporting shoes commercial: Neo reality not real

Adidas selling properly edited and cut and glued shots in the name of reality advertising. “Soccer Pop-in/Green Hills Futball Club” supposed to the best soccer club in the town, as described by none other than David Beckham. He drops in there with a dozen pairs of (or probably more) Dicks

10 Aug

Rhythmic Gymnast Alexandra Orlando to blog during Beijing Olympics 2008

The sensuous rhythmic gymnast from Canada Alexandra Orlando will be blogging during the Olympic Games. Well if you think the blog has been created just for itsy bitsy ranting then you are mistaken. She will write in couple of blogs. I don’t know whether she herself will write the entries,

17 Jun

My first post in Adglitz…thank you God

I am not a big time religious guy, but going with the flow and tradition, before start writing for this blog, I would like to thank God for this opportunity. He may come in any form. Bhagwan, Allah, Jesus Christ or Buddha. I believe in all of them and I

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