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Celebrity Advertising

12 Apr

Kate Winslet in 7 print ads

Kate Winslet created furor when she tells her advertiser to keep her wrinkles in the advertisement and not to photoshop. Thus she took a personal stand against the unobtainable beauty standards perpetuated by the fashion and beauty industry in an attempt to be a better role model for young women. She said,

03 Nov

35 Creative Tennis print ads and tv commercials

1. Sports Authority 2. Rolex for Wimbledon. A classic advert for a classic tournament. 3. Press ad for Wimbledon magazine 4. Roger Federer in Nike Ad 5. Roger Federer Equation in Nike Ad. Watch how Roger Federer is mathematically equal to or greater than Pete Sampras 6. HSBC Grass as

14 Sep

Old Spice new commercial without Mustafa, Ray Lewis replaced the original old spice guy

Everyone’s beloved Old Spice guy Mustafa is replaced. Call this nasty, body wash f****ery, the delectable Old Spice guy, Isaiah Mustafa who already kind of becoming an advertising fairy tale, has been replaced by Baltimore Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis. Get some raw energy, reality show feeling by watching the new

20 Jul

Lolavie: Jennifer Aniston strips down for perfume ad

Jennifer Aniston to promote her perfume, Lolavie wore only a skirt in the advertising photo shoot. Dear reader, if you can recall, Jennifer did similar thing with the first ad shoot for the fragrance (Photo at the bottom of the blogpost), she was just wearing a towel. Hmm…cool…goes well with

16 Mar

Kylie and Andres Inverse perfume ad casts a smell on you (+video)

Love struck Kylie Minogue can’t get enough of her latest boyfriend Andres Velencoso Segura. They have been together everywhere for last six months, the spell seems to be working, or else how do you explain both coming together in Inverse commercial – a man’s fragrance. Marketers are convinced, it seems.

30 Jan

Coke Zero and Tony Polamalu Super Bowl commercial video takes on Mean Joe Greene ad with a twist

Coca Cola is getting nostalgic this year and bringing in Steelers star Tony Polamalu for its Coke Zero Superbowl commercial, which is dedicated to the iconic 1980 Coca Cola commercial, starred by Mean Joe Greene. However, the 2009, Coca Cola super bowl ad with Polamalu is just not a remake

04 Jan

Shahid Kapoor (or Kapur?) ads collection

Shahid Kapoor and Ayesha Takia Complan ad Shahid and Aishwarya Rai Fuji ad Shahid Kaqpoor, Shahrukh Khan, Rani Mukherjee and Kajol in Pepsi ad – Yeh Dil Maange More Shahid Kapoor Clinic All Clear Ad 1 Shahid Kapoor Clinic All Clear Ad 2 Shahid Kapoor VIP Luggage Ad -1 Shahid

11 Sep

Marisa Miller in Victoria’s Secret: Angels to promote Very Sexy Dare lingerie

Santa Cruz native Marisa Miller has been signed by Victoria’s Secret for a multi-year contract. To teach international audience its gospel of secs, sensuality and romance Marisa Miller starts her journey for Victoria’s Secret at Herald Square in New York City in conjunction with the launch of Very Sexy Dare,

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