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Big Brands

29 Nov

IAMS Print Ads, TV Commercials & Billboards (Group: Procter & Gamble, Sector: Health & Beauty, Pets)

IAMS Happy Dog – Billboard IAMS Pet Food – Outdoor IAMS Cat Food – Billboard, Ambiance Iams 9 Lives Cat Food – Print Ad Iams Weight Control Dog Food: Magazine Advertisement Iams Weight Control Dog Food: Newspaper Advertisement Iams MINI Chunks Dog Food: Guard Dog – Print, Newspaper, Magazine Advertisement

20 Nov

Crest Print Ads & TV Commercials (Group: Procter & Gamble, Sector: Health & Beauty, Toiletries)

Crest Print Ad-1 A fresh, fun, cool and simple ad has been created by Saatchi & Saatchi, New York, USA. The white font (sleeping) is metaphor here which is representing the teeth, and the little green font (garbage truck) is representing the distasteful stuff that gets stuck between your teeth.

31 Oct

Charmin advertising: Print ads and tv commercials (Sector: House, Garden and Pets)

Charmin Print Advertisements These first three ads are outdoor ad campaigns. A series of billboard advertisements were released  to celebrate the introduction of a new Charmin along with the return of a effervescent Charmin icon, Mr. Whipple. Ad 1 Ad 2 Ad 3 Ad 4. This is not a magazine

31 Oct

Gillette print ads and tv commercials (Sector: Health, beauty & toiletries)

Print ads Gillette: World Cup Football Ad slogan: Gillette. Official sponsor of the FIFA World Cup since Spain’82 Credits: Advertising Agency: Tiempo BBDO, Madrid, Spain Executive Creative Director/Creative Director: Andres Mattinez Echeiverria Copywriter: Fernando Dominquez Art Director: Ricardo Pastor Photographer: Miguel Toledano Producer: Mayte Carabias Account Supervisors: Raquel Baena, Eva

28 Sep

Pampers television commercials (Group: Procter & Gamble, Sector: Health & Beauty, Baby Care)

Funny Pampers TV commercial Pampers Peace on Earth TVC Pampers Commercial – Forever Young (With extended unadvertised footage) Pampers UNICEF Commercial : An incredibly moving TV spot from Pampers new cause campaign with UNICEF “One Pack = One Vaccine” It’s narrated by Salma Hayek! Vintage 1994 Pampers TV commercial Pampers

20 Sep

Creative Ads from best 100 global brands (includes print ads & television commercials) Part 1 of 10

This best 100 brand list comes from Interbrand 2010 Global brand report. The report ranks and values the top 100 brands in the world. While carrying out the survey, Interbrand uses many criteria which among other things are how a brand touches and benefits an organization, is it attracting the

06 Oct

Microsoft’s 14 best ads/commercials of recent times

Microsoft Ad 1: Concrete Envelope Microsoft wanted to show software sales staff that Windows breaks down the walls in customers’ lives. So they showed them what that felt like by putting the letter in a concrete envelope, complete with a hammer to smash it open. The letter invited them to

13 Jul

Coca Cola slogans history: Coke punchlines over the years

  1886 Drink Coca-Cola 1900 Delicious and refreshing For headache and exhaustion, drink Coca-Cola 1904 Coca-Cola is a delightful, palatable, healthful beverage Coca-Cola satisfies Delicious and Refreshing Drink Coca-Cola in bottles – 5¢ 1905 Drink a bottle of carbonated Coca-Cola Coca-Cola revives and sustains Drink Coca-Cola at soda fountains The

27 Jan

Audi Superbowl commercial 2009: Chase starring Jason Statham

Audi to throw one-60 second spot during the game’s first quarter. If you remember, Audi’s 2008 Super Bowl ad that has featured its R8 sports car in a spoof of “The Godfather,” has garnered lot of attention and publicity and placed it at No. 2 position as far as evaluated

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