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16 Nov

World Leaders are Kissing in Unhate Campaign: Brought to you by United Colors of Benetton (with video)

Imagine a world without boundaries, without politics, without fighting over sharing of resource, without agendas and vested interest.   Huffingtonpost Post wonders if this is the beginning of a new international diplomacy. On a lighter side, you wish if the world has more beautiful and se-xy ladies like German chancellor. Then you wonder,

03 Feb

Kim Kardashian Skechers Super Bowl Commercial/Ad Photos, Video, Behind the scene

Thanks to Kim Kardashian, In XLV Super Bowl 2011, it seems Go Daddy has a bigger competition in terms of scoring the highest sexyness point as Skechers is fast approaching to gain the top spot. According to some media monitoring company reports, the controversial Kim Kardashian is gaining attention of

14 Sep

Old Spice new commercial without Mustafa, Ray Lewis replaced the original old spice guy

Everyone’s beloved Old Spice guy Mustafa is replaced. Call this nasty, body wash f****ery, the delectable Old Spice guy, Isaiah Mustafa who already kind of becoming an advertising fairy tale, has been replaced by Baltimore Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis. Get some raw energy, reality show feeling by watching the new

10 Sep

Outdoor ad: 5 award winning billboard advertisements

hese award winning billboard ads CNN Turk outdoor/billboard advertisement Awards it won Cannes Lions 2010 Outdoor Gold Cannes Lions 2010 Press Bronze Advertiser: CNN+ I Advertising Agency: DDB&Co., Istanbul, Turkey I Creative Director: Karpat Polat I Copywriter: Orhan Gazi Kandemir, Kerem Car, Gokhan Ozdemir I Account Manager: Ela Gokkan I

19 Nov

Fur clothing advertising, slogans, punchlines

Blackglama fur coats, mink Advertising slogan: What becomes a Legend most? Oscar de la Renta fur coats Advertising slogan: Isn’t it time you got an Oscar? Paula Lishman garments, an original knit fur Motto: Paula Lishman. Timeless, elegant, sustainable. Cindy Crawford on controversial Vogue-Russia cover wearing fur In this shot,

19 Nov

Apparel: Clothing punchlines, slogans (Part 1)

Clothing: Justin Alexander Slogans: No slogans Tweans brand, women’s clothing Slogan: Tweans. Fashion that fits my style! Clothing: Agoo Apparel Slogan: Clothes for active kids. Clothing: Nike lightweight apparel Slogan: No slogan Clothing: Ex Officio. Slogans: Ex Officio. Clothes for a big planet. ExOfficio. Expect more from your clothes. The

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