Oct 20

Tires slogans, punchlines, Automotive taglines, automobile tyre advertising slogan, automotive commercial taglines motto

Firestone tires
Advertising slogan: Firestone. Where the rubber meets the road.

JK Tire
Taglines: The tire that never tires
Racing championship

Continental Tyre
Advertisement Slogan: Tyres – Engineered in Germany

Coker Tire
Commercial tagline: It’s all about the tire

Cooper Tire
Ad slogan: Don’t give up a thing

Goodyear tires brand
Advertising Slogans: On the Wings of Goodyear.
Goodyear. We discover, you explore.
Safety together
Should a Woman Have to Worry About Tires? Goodyear Says No!
Danger lies around the corner
When Snow Say No, Goodyear says Go!.. Go, Go Goodyear!
Stop at the right time. Goodyear Eagle Ultra Group

Bridgestone tires
Ad slogan: Bridgestone. Passion for excellence.

Uniroyal Tires
Advertising slogans: Uniroyal. For everything you value.
Tried. And True.

Hankook Tire brand
Slogans: Hankook. Driving emotion.
Make love to the road.

Pirelli tyres brand
Marketing slogans: Power is nothing without control.
Pirelli. Gripping stuff.
Fisk Tires
Advertising slogan: Time to Re-Tire. Get a Fisk.

Michelin tires brand
Taglines: Michelin. A better way forward.
High performance, time and again…
The more we progress, the better you advance.
Because so much is riding on your tires.

Trellco Agricultural Tractor Tire
Trellco is the North American distributor of Trelleborg
and PIRELLI agricultural tires.)
Tagline: Out of this world

Apollo Tyre
Advertisement punchline: The road is a friend

Dunlop Tyre
Advertising slogans: Dunlop. Drivers know.
Driving to the Future.
Fit Dunlop and be satisfied.
For smooth, comfortable ride


Cooper Tires
Advertising slogan: Cooper. Don’t Give Up A Thing.

Kumho trademark
Slogans: Kumho. Race proven performance.
Way to Go.

BFGoodrich Tyre
Taglines: BFGoodrich. Take control.
When You’re Ready To Get Serious.

Advan tires, Japan
Marketing slogan: Advan. Not for everyone.

Vredestein tyres, Germany
Motto: Vredestein. Designed to protect you.

Ceat Tyre
Ad punchline/phrase: Born tough

TVS Tyre
Slogan/Motto: Ride smart

B Qucik Tire (Thailand)
Ad phrase: Offroad tires at B Quick

Banned Tire Commercial from Goodyear
Sport tires at B Quick
Comfort tires at B Quick

Funny Bridgstone Tire Superbowl Commercial

Oct 16

Motor Oils slogans, punchlines, Engine oil taglines, automobile lubricants advertising slogan, automotive lubricant oils commercial taglines motto

Pennzoil motor oils and lubricants
Advertising slogan: Not just oil, Pennzoil.

Castrol (BP) industrial and automotive lubricants
Commercial taglines: Superior engine protection
It’s more than just oil, its liquid engineering


Exxon Mobil

Advertising punchlines/taglines: Feel its power
Quality you can count on

Hindustan Petroleum (HP)
Ad punchline: Future full of energy

Havoline / Texaco, brand of motor oils
Ad slogan: Havoline. Add More Life to Your Car.

Mobil 1, synthetic motor oil
Ad slogan: Mobil 1. The oil that’s changing oil.

Shell Oil Company
Ad slogan: Make it happen

Quaker State Motor Oil
Advertising motto: Quaker State your car to keep it running young

Exxon Mobile Television commercial (1984 Superbowl)

Oct 15

Car Audio slogans, punchlines, taglines, automobile advertising slogan, automotive commercial catchline motto

As a segment, Car Audio or Car Stereo advertisements (along with its slogans) have never been super creative. In fact, barring the very few big names, ads are below average, be it the production value, creativity, visualization etc.

Some of the memorable Car Audio slogans:

Aisin Car Radio System Manufacturers

Advertising tagline: Geared up for the future

Blaupunkt trademark, car radio, audio systems

Ad slogan: Blaupunkt. The advantage in your car.

Kenwood brand, electronics, including automotive stereo equipment

Advertising slogan: Kenwood. Listen to the Future.

Rockford Fosgate, car audio brand

Motto: Rockford Fosgate. Car audio for fanatics.

Volfenhag, car audio subwoofers, amplifiers, speakers, head units

Marketing slogan: Volfenhag. A German Concept.

Kicker car stereo products

Advertising slogan: Kicker. Fuel for Livin’ Loud! Link

Infinity Audio

Ad slogan/punchline: It’s that loud

Sony Xplod Car Audio System

Ad slogan: Explosive sound



Advert slogan: Happy Music Drive


Acura Advance Car Audio System

Advertising/marketing catchline: Our speakers can create an interesting sound. Silence.


Panasonic Car Audio

Ad slogans: Play it loud. Panasonic Car System. 50watts x 4 with Mos-Fet high power amplifier.

Pioneer Car Audio

Commercial tagline: The jolting power of Pioneer Subwoofers

Pioneer Car Audio Systems Commercial with Shahid Kapur (Indian ad)

Infinity Car Audio/Stereo Commercial

Oct 01

Radio Advertising slogans taglines punchlines


Kia Motors (Sector: Automotive)

Radio Ad slogan: The power to surprise

Blackberry with Vodafone (Sector: Telecom, Electronics & Technology)

Radio Advertising tagline: It’s not for office guys anymore

Otrivin Nasal Spray (Sector: Pharmaceutical)

Radio Commercial tagline: Pleasure of breathing. Otrivin – nasal spray

Kruidvat (Sector: Pharmaceutical)

Radio Advertising slogan: Always surprising, always cheap

7-Eleven(Sector: Beverages, Non-alcoholic drinks)

Radio  Marketing tagline: Freeze the moment

Cape Times (Sector: Media)

Radio Promotional Advertising tag line: Know all about it

Chicago Tribune (Sector: Media)

Radio Commercial slogan: Covering the story you need to know

Clorets (Sector: Confectionery & Snacks)

Radio Advert slogan/tagline: The fresh breath expert

Moulinex Blender (Sector: Electronics & Technology)

Radio Advertising tagline: Processing the best of world food

Leica Camera (Sector: Electronics & Technology)

Radio Motto/Punchline: My point of view

Toyota (Prius) (Sector:Automobile)

Radio Ad slogan: Lead the way

Radio Advertisement for Donna

Sep 09

Best advertisements from India’s best brands, includes some ads from Doordarshan era (Part 2 of 2)

These are best advertisements from India’s most trusted brands. Brand Equity and The Nielsen Company have conducted a survey with a sample of more than 8,100 acorss socio-economic classes, age, income and geography. The survey zeroed in on 300 brands from India, evaluated them on seven parameters and rated them accordingly. Please remember, the survey has found out most trusted brands of India. I have taken up the list and as you know, this is an advertising blog, have recollected most memorable ads from the repsective brands here. These are my personal favorites and have nothing to do with Brand Equity-AC Nielsen survey. Some of these ads were dated back to Doordarshan era, during 80s and 90s.

To check 1-50 list click here: India’s 100 most trusted brands, best brands of India

51. Cadbury



Cadbury Dairy Milk television ad- Kuch Khas Hain Hum Sabhi Main

52. 7 Up

Nimbu Paani Print ad (a 7 up brand)


7 Up outdoor ad


7 Up television ad featuring Yana Gupta

7 Up television ad featuring Mallika Sherawat

7 Up television advertisement featuring MS Dhoni

53. Titan

The eternal pair



Titan TV ad featuring Aishwarya Rai

Titan ad featuring Aamir Khan. The ad was shot during the shooting of Ghajini.

54. Samsung Mobile Phones


Samsung Mobile Phone Advertisement featuring Aamir Khan

Samsung Mobile Phone Ad featuring Aamir Khan

55. Ariel

My apology, this Ariel is ad not made in India. It’s from Russia.


Stop being cruel to your clothes


Sacred Stain


56. Mirinda


57. Moov

Ad punchline: Pain relief balm


Move without pain

58. Parachute

Advertisement title: Size zero



Parachute television advertisement featuring Deepika Padukone

59. Sprite

Sprite Seedhi Baat baki sab bakwas ad



60. Dabur Amla

Karisma Kapoor & Sonali Bendre featuring in Dabur Amla television advertisemnt

Rani Mukherjee featuring in Dabur Amla television advertisement

Razan Maghraby featuring in Dabur Amla television commercial

61. Vim


62. Bisleri

63. Sony

Sony Vaio Go Vivid advertisement featuring Kareena Kapoor


Sony Cyber Shot Print ad


Sony Bravia Print advertisement


Sony W200i television ad featuring Hrithik Roshan

Deepika Padukone in Sony Cybershot TV ad

64. Zandu Balm


65. Nescafe

Good Morning @Nescafe print ad

Nescafe ad: Rain


Nescafe television ad from 1990s (1988)

Deepika Padukone in Nescafe TV ad

66. Nirma
Nirma Girl


‘Washing Powder Nirma’ – Nirma TV ad shot under water

Washing Powder Nirma – theme song

67. Dove

Dove print ad titled “No Mystery”


Dove Heat print ad


Dove-print-ad-Cosmetics-Toiletries-Personal care

Dove television advertisement (1994)

Dove TV ad

68. LIC

LIC Outdoor full train ad


LIC television ad

Life Insurance Corporation of India television advertisement

69. Godrej No 1

Godrej No. 1 television advertisement

Godrej No. 1 strawberry TV ad

70. Cinthol


71. Asian Paints

Apex Ultima print ad


Asian Paints Royale print ad featuring Saif Ali Khan


Asian Paints television ad

72. Rasna

’80s Rasna girl (print ad)



Rasna tv ad during Doordarshan days (80s)

73. Sunfeast
Shahrukh Khan in Sunfeast buscuit print ad


Shahrukh Khan in Sunfeast TV ad

74. Videocon

Shahrukh Khan and Mahendra Singh Dhoni in Videocon print ad


Shahrukh Khan Videocon TV ad

75. Ujala

Ujala Supreme ad


Ujala Supreme television ad

76. Fanta



Fanta Rani Mukherjee TV ad

Fanta Genelia D’Souza Television advertisement

77. Tata Indicom


Tata Indicom TV ad featuring Kajol

78. Onida


Onida advertisement from 1986



Boman Irani in Onida TV ad

79. Lakme

Rekha in Lakme ad


Sonu Walia in Lakme advertisement


Shyamoli Verma in Lakme ad


Aishwarya Rai Lakme ad


Bipasha Basu in Lakme ad


Akansha Mathur Nanda Lakme Ad: Ah…she may look like Sonam Kapoor, but she is not. Last heard, the model got married and bid adieau to the modelling world.


Lisa Ray and Yana Gupta in Lakme ad


Raima Sen, Katrina Kaif in Lakme ad


Aishwarya Rai Bachchan Lakme Ad

80. LG Mobile Phones



81. Crocin


Crocin TV commercial

82. Himani Navratna

Amitabh Bachchan Himani Navratna ad


Shahrukh Khan Navratna Print ad


Amiatbh Bachchan Himani Navratna television commercial

Shahrukh Khan Himani Navratna TV ad

83. Amrutanjan Balm

Amrutanjan Balm Ad slogan: Unclog your world



84. Bajaj Motorcycles


Bajaj Pulsar slogan: Thrill has new wave


Pulsar Advert tagline: Great wheelie. Now take a look at the finance scheme.

Pulsar television commercial

85. Garnier

Garnier Light Moisturiser featuring Genelia D’souza


Garnier Corpoerate Ad


86. Pears

Pears soap print ad with tagline, By appointment to the Queen


87. Hajmola


Hajmola television commercial during Doordarshan days (1980s)

88. Whirlpool

Whirlpool Washing Machine print ad.

Ad slogan: Gives body to fabric.


Whirlpool Kitchenware

Ad punchline: Stop carrying that smell around.
Odour free kitchenware


Whirlpool television ad featuring Kajol, Ajay Devgan and Yuvraj Singh – The Kajol-Ajay jodi may not reap profits for producers with a bang, but certainly their journey as couple and their personal attributes are convincing enough for the viewers to give the jodi a thumbs up. Effervescent Kajol found many A list advertisers knocking at her door after the successful run of this campaign.

89. Lay’s

Lay’s ad done by Saif Ali Khan. Being a non-vegetarian I never thought whether potato chips are veg or non-veg stuff. I mean I always pick my favorite flavor from the shelves or would go for a newly launched flavor. Saif here showing his readers that Lay’s potato chips are vegetarian.

Saif Ali Khan Frito Lay's Advertisement

Lay’s print ad: Dhoni and Saif


Lay’s TV ad featuring Saif Ali Khan, Preity Zinta and Rahul Khanna

90. Santoor
Santoor Sandalwood Soap TV ad

91. Pantene
Pantene Print ad featuring Katrina Kaif

Katrina Kaif featured in Pantene shampoo commercial

Creative take

A creative advertisement from Pantene

92. Hamam

93. Honda two wheelers “Dhak dhak” TV spot. The ad features Hrithik Roshan and Priyanka Chopra

94. Eveready Give Me Red (1996)

95. Sony Ericsson Mobile Phones

96. Saridon

97. Maruti Suzuki

98. Motorola Mobile Phone commercial featuring Abhishek Bachchan


99. Dalda commercial celebrating Mother’s Day

100. Godrej Powder Hair Dye