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12 Creative Print Ads from France

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French advertising is much different than US advertising. They say, US ads try to inform and persuade, whereas, ads from France try to seduce. I am not sure how true this saying is, but from my limited exposure to French ads I found them seductive, funny, appealing and extremely creative. Are clients there more open to experiment with new ideas?

French commercials speak to French culture no less than French literature or music does. Long on sensuality, style and poetry, they are notably lean on facts and nearly allergic to the rough-and-tumble of commerce. It’s forbidden here to denigrate your competitors in a television advertisement or to instruct viewers to call a certain number now to buy a product (save for exceptional cases). Hard-sell tactics, standard in America, just don’t wash in France.

Let’s take a look at 12 recent ads from the country of culture.Read More »12 Creative Print Ads from France