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Best Buy XLV Super Bowl 2011 Commercial: Justin Bieber and Ozzy Osbourne

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Best Buy perfect fitting consumer durable adFirst ever super bowl commercial from Best Buy is here. This ad has zeroed into an unlikely pair of Bieber and Ozzy Osbourne. Slated for 6th February, Super Sunday, this first ever TV ad aims to revolutionize retailing. It would be an one minute spot and will appear in third quarter of the game.

That apart, the funny thing is singer-songwriter-occasional-actor Ozzy Osbourne only recently has admitted that he never has heard of teen heart throb Justin Bieber. Gen gap and all that.

Brand success continues

Best part of Best Buy branding is that they always evolve with time. Things have changed and competition is fierce, consumers are way less loyal now, however, they are becoming more savvy than ever. What with Amazons of the world disrupting the the essence of retail marketing, it’s more than imperative for the brick and mortar model to embrace the changing dynamics. While many of its contemporaries have gone into oblivion (most noted among them are Crazy Eddie, Circuit City, CompUSA, J&R Music), this Minnesota based retail giant not only able to stay in the game, but also due to its agility and execution, I would say is on the top of the game. Super Bowl is part of the strategy.  

Notwithstanding sweeping Super Bowl campaigns, it has done some wonderful in-retail branding execution in the form of brand boutiques which is inspired from Saks Fifth Avenue and Bloomingdale’s branding handbooks.

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