Teleflora Super Bowl Commercial/Ad with Faith Hill and actor Kevin Manwarren

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Teleflora advertisementTeleflora’s Super Bowl 2011 ad will star Faith Hill and actor Kevin Manwarren. The ad is duper funny. In the spot features Faith Hill in a recording studio is trying to help coach a sound tech through a Valentine’s Day dilemma. The campaign introduces new floral collection which is supposedly by the dinger and is called, The Collection by Faith Hill. The collection reflects the singer’s style, taste and artistry. There would six different floral engagements for Valentine’s Day. There would be also bouquets for other occasions including Mother’s Day and Christmas.

Teleflora 2011 Super Bowl ad/commercial will be up after the play

Whoaa…the video is out, check it out guys


Teleflora 2010 Super Bowl Commercial – Talking Flowers for Valentine’s Day

Funny Teleflora commercial for Superbowl 2009

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