Salesforce Super Bowl Commercial/Ad: Baby Peas

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Salesforce Super Bowl ad XLVThis Super Bowl Salesforce is releasing two commercials. The is first ever TV ad for Salesforce at Superbowl. Unlike its companions in the XLV Super Bowl 2011, Salesforce does not sell its services to consumers, it sells its services to businesses. But such is the importance of the game, Marc Benioff, CEO of the company it seems can’t resist the idea of living with it. The reason behind putting up ad at Super Bowl is to reach out to widest audience as the company is launching a new incarnation of Chatter, an offering released last June that styles itself as a kind of Facebook to let people inside companies collaborate and share information.

According to WSJ, the company has bought two TVC spots immediately before and after halftime.  He hired Black Eyed Peas front man for the ads created for Salesforce the Baby Peas, a group of animated characters representing the Black Eyed Peas. The ads will feature the “Baby Peas,” a group of animated characters.

4 videos after the jump has worked with before, he has created a tune for the Salesforce’s annual confab, Dreamforce. And he recently joined chip-maker Intel and Director of Creative Innovation.

Salesforce Mobile On-Line Commercial Sales Cloud – Mobile Demo introduction

Salesforce 2011 Super Bowl Reply All ad/commercial will be up after the play

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