Super Bowl Commercials/Ads: ‘Go First’ and ‘Reviews Are In’ are funny

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An moderately old customers at Super Bowl arena, in 2011 XLV version is coming up with two 30 seconds ad spots. The first ad is titled “Reviews Are In” it shows how cars of different makes can’t stop discussing about the consumer and expert reviews on complete with joke, rants, convertible being branded as topless (never knew they are females) and SUV, guzzler. For good reason. With opinions from real drivers, you’ll be able to shop confidently for the perfect car at the perfect price.
Check out the commercial (video) here

Super Bowl 2011 Commercial: The Reviews are In

The second one, called, “Go First” tells how you should not make yourself guineapig, should not sacrifice your life, let others check out, put their reviews and then…..then my friend, you take your decision about buying a car. Does it not consider first movers? I wonder. It’s for followers may be.

Super Bowl 2011 Commercial: Go First

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