Audi A8 Super Bowl XLV 2011 Commercial: Goodnight “Old Luxury” Mercedes, Good Moring Audi

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Audi A8 superbowl commercial 2011

Audi Print ad: Audi Lifestyle, New Luxury

German automaker Audi is not just bidding adieu to traditional old luxury in its Super Bowl Sunday exercise but also not hesitating taking potshots at Mercedes-Benz. The all new 2011 Audi 8 flagship Sedan commercial titled, “Goodnight” is already launched during the NFL Playoffs as a prelude to the upcoming superbowl ad. The spot is inspired by the 1947 children book, “Goodnight Moon.” It takes the viewer on a journey through a mansion of rooms where exotic animal sleeping around the neck of a sleeping woman decked out in a party gown, all supposedly symbols of old, stuffy luxury. The voiceover goes on. “Good night old luxury and all your wares….Good night bygones everywhere. And then the surprise, the camera fixes on a Mercedes!!

Check out the ad after the jump. Also includes last four years’ Super Bowl ads.

This is progressive luxury, said chief marketing officer Scott Keogh in an interview, mentioning, brands like Mercedes-Benz and BMW are “old luxury.”

This is fourth consecutive presence of the Audi in the Super Bowl. We are expecting a fearless, no-holds-barred, intriguing spot from the German automaker. San Francisco-based Venables Bell & Partners has created the 60 second advert. The ad is slated for first ad break in the first quarter.

Let’s take a look at what ads Audi has splashed in the last three years.
2010 XLIV Super Bowl Commercial: Green Police


2009 XLIII Super Bowl Commercial: Starring Jason Statham

R8 2008 XLII Super Bowl Commercial: Old Luxury

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