Motor Oils slogans, punchlines, Engine oil taglines, automobile lubricants advertising slogan, automotive lubricant oils commercial taglines motto

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Pennzoil motor oils and lubricants
Advertising slogan: Not just oil, Pennzoil.

Castrol (BP) industrial and automotive lubricants
Commercial taglines: Superior engine protection
It’s more than just oil, its liquid engineering


Exxon Mobil

Advertising punchlines/taglines: Feel its power
Quality you can count on

Hindustan Petroleum (HP)
Ad punchline: Future full of energy

Havoline / Texaco, brand of motor oils
Ad slogan: Havoline. Add More Life to Your Car.

Mobil 1, synthetic motor oil
Ad slogan: Mobil 1. The oil that’s changing oil.

Shell Oil Company
Ad slogan: Make it happen

Quaker State Motor Oil
Advertising motto: Quaker State your car to keep it running young

Exxon Mobile Television commercial (1984 Superbowl)

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