Apple iPad vs Amazon Kindle advertising battle (Sector: Home electronics & audio-visual)

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Amazon’s latest Kindle ad makes fun of Apple iPad’s sunlight vulnerability. Apple fought it with a new pool commercial

Some may argue that they would like to read it under shades than on dark. But, love it or hate it, Amazon did throw a punching proposition with this new television commercial. By the way, my friend suggests no one can concentrate on reading when you have such hottie tanning her like this.

Super quickly Apple has reverted with a response. Just the beginning of iPad vs Kindle advertising battle. Kindle is getting some of the “magazine” and video features in the coming months probably which the iPad already has. And who knows, there is always rumor that iPad is bringing better “text technology” so you can read long articles and books on it without having to take an Advil for your eye-headache.

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