McDonald ad slogans taglines, advertising over the years, commercials from 1970, 1980, 1990, 2000

McDonald ad advertising slogans punchlines taglines motto history video

McDonald’s is Your Kind of Place (1967)

Nobody can do it like McDonalds can (1970s)

You Deserve a Break Today (1971)

We Do it All for You (1975)

You, You’re The One (1976)
Nobody Can Do It Like McDonald’s Can (1979)

Renewed: You Deserve a Break Today (1980 &1981)
Nobody Makes Your Day Like McDonald’s Can (1981)

McDonald’s and You (1983)
It’s a Good Time for the Great Taste of McDonald’s (1984)
Good Time, Great Taste, That’s Why This is My Place (1988)

McDonald makes your day (1988)

Food, Folks and Fun (1990) – – Nothing like a little crazy Patti LaBelle in the morning to wake you up!

McDonald’s Today (1991) – WVECSpirit repeat. Commercial for the McLean Deluxe featuring a group of NFL players wearing #91.

NUMBER #91’s
1. Kevin Greene (Los Angeles Rams)
2. Greg Manusky (Minnesota Vikings, guy that took the longest to figure out the first time)
3. Leslie O’Neal (San Diego Chargers)
4. Jeff Wright (Buffalo Bills)
5. Johnny Meads (Houston Oilers)
6. Brian Noble (Green Bay Packers)

What You Want is What You Get (1992)

Have you Had your Break Today? (1995)

My McDonald’s (1997)

Did Somebody Say McDonald’s (1997)

We Love to See You Smile (2000)

There’s a little McDonald’s in Everyone (2001) – Canada Only

i’m lovin’ it (2003)

Just opened, near Kimaya Kothrud.
I’m lovin’ it. (2009)

Come as you are – French (Print ad)

McD McDonald french advertising

McDonald billboard/outdoor ad

McDonald outdoor advertisement

McDonald billboard/outdoor campaign

McD billboard outdoor advertising campaign

New: The Veggieburger, Germany, 2010

McDonald international advertisement Germany

McDonald’s, It’s not what you had in mind…(2010)

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