August 2010

Top n Best 100 Ad slogans taglines punchlines, advertising campaigns (Part 1 of 2) [Updated 2019]]

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1. DeBeers “Diamonds are forever” – 1948


Campaign that created sustained obsession in consumers mind

And Diamonds Became Forever

Many believe it is by far the best case-study of emotional branding for a product without any intrinsic value.

A Diamond is forever is an ultimate gem of an idea, an enduring emblem of love

Not many Americans proposed with the diamond engagement ring in the 1930s. For a long time diamond was viewed as symbols of wealth, power and decadent romantic dreams—a stone too precious and expensive to attain, writes AAAA. Then an ad campaign changed everything. Jewelry retailer De Beers hired N.W. Ayer & Son, an advertising agency based out of Philadelphia. Frances Gerety, the female copywriter who never married (pic above) came up with greatest professional achievement in the form of “A Diamond is Forever” which arguably has helped to create a sense of emotional attachment to the diamond engagement ring. And created a multibillion-dollar industry out of it. Since then, from 1947 through 1970, Ms. Gerety dedicated herself to De Beers. The tagline forever changed public attitudes, made diamond precious gemstone of choice for engagement virtually worldwide. The slogan became a symbol of enduring love weaving itself into popular culture and inspiring books, films, and songs. In 1999, Advertising Age proclaimed it the slogan of the century.


2. Nike “Just do it” (1988 video commercial)

3. Coca Cola “The pause that refreshes” – 1929

100 Best advertising slogans

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