Advertisements/Commercials from Albania (Videos)

Alabania: Yours to discover
Client: National Tourist Organisation of Albania

Albania: My Passion
Client: Euro News

Club TV Spot
Client: Alabania Vodafone TV commercial

Vodafone Club
Client: Vodafone, Albania

Client: Denner, Albania

Client: Redcross, Albania

Client: New Moment, Albania

Campaign: Happy Moments
This TV spot is from the “Happy Moments” campaign, a mass media campaign launched in Albania in April 2009 to promote the safety and reliability of modern contraceptive methods. To view captions, go to the caption menu button located on the bottom right of the video screen and click the CC option to turn captions on or off.

C-Change, a USAID-funded program, is implementing an integrated behavior change communication (BCC) project to increase young men and women’s uptake of modern contraceptive methods that are available in the private and public sectors.

Client: C Change Program, Albania Family Planning

Client: Alpha Bank, Albania

Client: London Laboratory Commercial, Albania

Client: BMW commercial from Albania

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