Google Guru aka Google Answers to take on Yahoo! Answers?

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It seems that Google is recommencing its Google Guru service, a question-answer portal aka Yahoo! Answers where people ask each other questions on any topic, and get answers by sharing facts, opinions, and personal experiences.

Google Blogscoped reports that one of its readers has noticed a “Google Guru” description in his Google Account product page which was directed to Google Guru, which does not exist anymore . It is accompanied by the text, “Ask questions and get answers from online users.”

Well, don’t rush to Google product page because it may not show up there, the new link has been only appeared to some users for a specific time frame and then it mysteriously disappeared. Google is not marking any announcement of it now. Seems it’s still at R&D backyard.

Google, after a not so successful launch in some countries like Poland, Russia, Thailand in January 2007 has withdrawn the service and now after almost three years it seems it’s pulling it again. It’s active in Thailand but still carrying the “beta” tag even after running for three years.

Google Guru Thailand Print Screen

As of now, the social Q&A space is ruled by Yahoo! Answers, one of the areas where Yahoo! is dominating Google. I can’t help but wonder if Google’s possible acquisition of Aardvark has to anything with this. Aardvark, the social search service company was founded by some ex-Googlers. What it’s into? “Ask questions, get *live* answers from your network! Aardvark finds the perfect person to answer any question in real-time.” You get the strategic connect? However, Aardvark is much more than a Q&A proposition. We may see Google Guru hitting the market with more product benefits than Yahoo! Answers.

For businesses Google Guru may create great opportunities. People may build authority over their niche areas by answering questions and pushing their brand in yet another social platform.

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