Porsche Panamera Commercial: Family Tree Markeing Campaign on TV, Print, Mobile, website, online ads, direct mailers

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Porsche is branching out and dreaming big. Porsche North America is launching Panamera (the commercial created by Cramer-Krasselt/Chicago). This is Porsches’ first four seater sports car. To distinguish the Panamera from the competition and appeal to Porsche enthusiasts as well as potential newcomers, C-K and Porsche leveraged one of the brands’ most valuable assets—its heritage and history—to welcome the Panamera to the family and reinforce the Porsche portfolio. The effort is part of the fully integrated “Welcome to the Family” launch campaign including television campaign (above), print ads and a new website  (http://www.porscheusa.com/family ), mobile, direct mail, dealer materials, online ads and website takeovers, as well as an IFC documentary.

The Creds:
Client: Porsche Cars North America
Spot Title: Family Tree
Air Date: October 15, 2009

Agency: Cramer-Krasselt/Chicago
Chief Creative Officer: Marshall Ross
Associate Creative Director: Rick Hamann
Copywriter: Gary Doyle; Rick Hamann
Art Director: Matt Spett; Luke Partridge
VP/Director of Broadcast Production: Sergio Lopez

Production Company: @Radical Media
Director: Jeff Zwart

Post Production: Asylum
Visual Effects Supervisor: Tim Davies
Executive Producer: Michael Pardee
Producer: Mark Kurtz
Coordinator: Jennie Burnett
Bidding Producer: Michael Hanley
CG Supervisor: Zach Tucker
Compositor(s): Tim Davies, Jonathan Hicks, Tim Bird
Lead Technical Designer: Jeff Willette
Lead Modeler: Greg Stuhl
Modeler(s): Toshihiro Sakamaki, Josh Robinson, Lersak Bunuparadah, Chad Fehmie
Animator(s): Samir Lyons, Michael Warner, Michael Shelton
Texture/Tracker: Ryan Reeb
Texture: John Hart
Tracker(s): Eddie Offermann, Michael Lori, Lauren Van Houten, Michael Maker, Tom Stanton, Ian Doss, Danny Garcia, Apirak Kamjan
Lighter(s): Aaron Vest, Austin Das, Sean Durnan
Effects Animator: Jens Zalzala
Lead Roto: Elissa Bello
Roto(s): Hugo Dominuez, Laura Murillo, Daniel Linger, Jason Bidwell, Stephanie Ide, Scott Baxter, Midori Witsken, Mark Duckworth, Zac Chowdhury, Huey Carroll, Chris Cortese, Bethany Pederson Onstad
Matte Painter: Tim Clark

2010 Porsche Panamera ad commercial sports car family car

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