Apparel: Clothing punchlines, slogans (Part 1)

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clothing apparel advertising marketing slogans taglines punchlines

Clothing: Justin Alexander
Slogans: No slogans

Tweans brand, women’s clothing
Slogan: Tweans. Fashion that fits my style!

Clothing: Agoo Apparel
Slogan: Clothes for active kids.

Clothing: Nike lightweight apparel
Slogan: No slogan

apparel clothing slogan punchline tagline

Clothing: Ex Officio.
Slogans: Ex Officio. Clothes for a big planet.
ExOfficio. Expect more from your clothes.
The ultimate clothing to see the world in.

Clothing: MonkeyFist Clothing & Apparel
Slogan: Cornered by the mob, Coco saw no alternative. He faced the horde and let the punches fly.

ad slogans punchlines from clothing segment

Falke clothing brand, legwear, underwear, knitwear
Taglines: Form follows you.
Falke. Soul texture.
Falke. For tomorrow’s people.

Diesel brand, jeans, casuals and other clothing
Advertising slogan: Global warming ready.

Levis advertising marketing slogan punchline

Clothing: Levis
Slogan: No Slogan

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