Scary Resident Evil 4 (aka Biohazard 4) TV comemrcial from France

“Remember, that place you used to feel in safety, the more comfortable, the more loved, this place will no more exist.” – Resident Evil 4.

The ad looks cool. But without the basically cool chick…don’t think it would have been as ‘moving’. The tag line which says t he place you felt safest, no longer exists…. I think they nailed it with this video!

This scary Zombie mom ad and the game is only available in France, wondering if in US or other parts of the world, they would release such ‘controversial’ ads. The poor baby, I wonder why it doesn’t cry.

Ahh…give me a break…i dont want to have really bad horrendous nightmare.

Resident Evil 4 on Wikipedia

RE4 – Resident Evil 4 – Official European Site

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