Karan Johar and Sony Picture to co-produce Stepmom


The latest buzz is that Sony Pictures who hold the original rights of the movie Stepmom has offered Karan Johar to co-produce the movie. According to the earlier reports, Karan Johar had bought the rights of the critically acclaimed film starring Susan Sarandon and Julia Roberts and planned to start working for the Indian version of it once he is done with My Name is Khan. Stepmom tells the story of a divorced couple (Sarandon and Ed Harris) trying to keep their children happy after their separation.

But now with Sony co-producing the movie with Karan Johar means KJo wont have to pay a hefty amount to buy the original rights as Sony Pictures hold the rights of this original Hollywood cult classic.

Another twist in the tale, the Hindi version was supposed to be shot in Australia. But due to complicated socio-political conflicts the producers have decided against shooting in Australia. B town filmmakers recently in unison have voiced their strong reactions against the attacks on Indian students. Mid Day report here.

Mumbai has been considered as the alternative place for the movie. Well, I am not saying Switzerland (It’s still hard to believe that all of Switzerland’s visual resource have been captured under Bollywood lenses, there still are unexplored beautiful places, may be not as famous as routine Alps and clichéd streets amidst huts and greens mostly seen in Yash Chopra flicks, may be we need a fresh cinematographer to astonish us with his/her findings), what I am saying when so many countries like Ireland, Fiji, Hungary, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Turkey, Austria, Cuba, are wooing Bollywood, why Mumbai. I mean a Sony-Karan Johar joint production deserves more. Isn’t it guys?

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