Heineken ad: Funny beer commercials

Update: Ohh…my friend tweets me saying have I become a beer aficionado or wat…he read this post of mine…well my friend, writing about beer advertising does not mean I gulp it day and night…to put it on the record…no I don’t like alcohol of any form…too much ie..lol

Have you ever dreamed of a walk-in fridge or freezer, seems like the University was full of beer?

Wow…I liked this unqiue beer commercial ad. It is working in a great way with very old gender stereotypes. Beer vs. shoes and men vs women.

Heineken a dutch brewery is notoriously famous for its funny advertisements, take a look at some more.

Baby, milk bottle and Heineken beer ad: F U N N Y

Another funny Heineken beer commercial

Heineken Beer Draught Keg Commercial

Heineken classic ‘Majorca’ commercial – 1985

Heineken beer classic ad – dustbins percussion

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