Kylie and Andres Inverse perfume ad casts a smell on you (+video)

Love struck Kylie Minogue can’t get enough of her latest boyfriend Andres Velencoso Segura. They have been together everywhere for last six months, the spell seems to be working, or else how do you explain both coming together in Inverse commercial – a man’s fragrance. Marketers are convinced, it seems.

The sensual ad on the scent is showing Andres and Kylie have lots of chemistry. As he strips in the advert, the pop princess can’t take her eye off of him. The Inverse ad is scheduled to release in England this May.

The ‘Inverse’ fragrance advertisement sees the 31-year-old do what he does best, smoldering into the camera, first in a suit, then topless. 40+ petite pop princess smiles coquettishly.

KYLIE Minogue & Andres Velencoso promoting Inverse scent - video, picture, images

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