How to add tags/tagging in Google Blogspot/Blogger

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Unlike WordPress, Google Blogspot’s Blogger does not have an inbuilt tagging capability.

But as we all know along with better categorizing, for better search engine results and visibility, tagging (also called metadata) is also important. Tagging holds value for a blog post because it is important to select tags to describe important issues or items mentioned in the blog post.

While “Category” is more broad in approach, for example, a tech blog can have a category on “Apple” but with tagging the approach goes more micro. As in, while writing an entry on Apple’s operating system (here, the category would be “Apple”) it can be tagged with terms like Mac OS X, Leopard, Software and other important stuff that have been mentioned in the entry and as a writer you think its important for the reader to find out your blog post from the search engine jungle.

So, how to add “tagging” feature in blogspot? With Firefox (Google prefers it more than Internet Explorer for whatever reasons) you can use Greasemonkey extension (now it’s renamed as Greasespot). With this tool a Blogger user can add code for Technorati tags as the end of its blogpost. Download Greenmonkey code here.

You can see a new text box opens up with a green Technorati icon with an Append Tax button. It also has Tag Settings and Options links.

view green Append Tags button and a Tag Settings and Options link:

enter tags in the Tags box, separate them with comma

Click Append Tags button, the code for the tags are shown inside the blogpost

this is how the technorati tags are shown in html

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