Bridgestone super bowl 2009 commercial taters & hot item videos (with Bruce Springsteen)

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Super Bowl ad: Bridgestone Taters commercial video

Super Bowl ad: Bridgestone Hot Item commercial video

Bridgestone America, official tire sponsor of Super Bowl XLIII will run two 390 seconds commercials. There are speculations that Bruce Springsteen may feature in one of the commercials. Bridgestone ads will continue to be humorous in nature, one of the ads will star Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head and another takes viewers to Saturn’s largest moon. As per John Baratta, president of the client’s consumer replacement tire sales operations in the U.S. and Canada, “When it comes to getting your message out there, no advertising opportunity compares to the reach and impact of the Super Bowl. The commercials we’ve chosen use humor, iconic characters and some pretty amazing special effects to entertain, all while showcasing Bridgestone products and their performance.”

Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head will be featured in the ad, which is scheduled between the first and second quarters. The ad is called, “Taters”. A sunny excursion on a picturesque mountain road takes an unexpected turn when the Hasbro toys encounter a herd of sheep on a tight curve. The second ad, set to air in the third quarter, is called “Hot Item” and takes place on Titan, Saturn’s largest moon. Two music-lovin’ space travelers cruise Titan in the ultimate space vehicle equipped with high-performance, intergalactically envied Bridgestone tires. “Hot Item” will air in the third quarter.

In the last Superbowl , Bridgestone’s spots included Alice Cooper and Richard Simmons. Link

Bridgestone Superbowl Preview ad

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