43rd (XLIII) Super Bowl 2009 ads: 12 good to know facts

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SuperBowl 2009 43 XLIII commercial ads1. Super Bowl 2009, the 43rd edition date is February 1, 2009

2. Super Bowl is the annual National Football League championship

3. The Super Bowl XLIII airs on NBC in February 2009

4. Recession or not, SuperBowl ad rates are not going to budge. According to Associated Press, the rate for a 30 second commercial is $3,000, 000. in 2008 it was 2,700,000.

5. First time in the history of the game, two 3D commercials will be shown during Super Bowl 43. One by Dreamworks for Monsters vs Aliens and second one is PepsiCo’s SoBe Lifewater. More here

6. Recession is biting though, regular advertiser MillerCoors has opted to run one-second ads

7. FedEx, one of the top five advertisers for the last ten years, have decided not to advertise.

8. Ditto, another Superbowl loyalist, General Motors, one of the top 5 advertisers will not advertise in 2009. General Motors (GM) has continually advertised for last 16 games. It seems people are frightened to celebrate.

9. Top advertisers of 2009 include CareerBuilder.com, Anheuser-Busch, Hyundai Motor, Pepsi, Bridgestone, Paramount Pictures, Cars.com, Castrol Motor oil, E-Trade Financial and Coca-Cola

10. An ad in the Official Super Bowl Guide, distributed at games and sold at newstands, by the Web site AshleyMadison.com has raised controversy

11. Kellogg and Pedigree will celebrate good causes in the Super Bowl. Pedgree will promote dog adoption. Pedigree will ask viewers to go to FrostedFlakes.com and nominate a kids playing field to be rebuilt on Kellogg’s dime. The ad shows a run-down field morph into a lush playground.

12. It has been reported that Super Bowl will reach even the troops in the remotest of areas. Improved technology can transmit game to mountains, submarines. about 300,000 deployed U.S. troops who are nearest to civilization will be able to tune in to the American Forces Radio and Television Service to watch the NBC broadcast of the Super Bowl reports this.

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