Powerade ad: Gregor Tait wears nothing


Aggressive that core to the nature, official sports drink of the Beijing 2008 Olympic games, Coca Cola marketing team for Powerade brand it seems is not content with bringing in cyclist Rebecca Romero and Triple jumper Phillips Idowu on board dare bare. It has also gotten swimmer Gregor Tait to make more splash consumer’s minds.

Yes, Rebecca Romero, Phillips Idowu and Gregor Tait have never ever been photographed before, so the novelty factor will always work here. The essence of the new InnerGear concept for ‘Powerade’ illustrates that no matter how sophisticated an athletes’ outer gear (sports kit), it is not effective without your Innergear – what you put inside your body.  Research has shown that as little as a 2% drop in hydration can seriously affect an athlete’s performance, and elite athletes in Beijing will have to combat the extreme weather conditions if they are to compete with the best in the world. Link

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