Nike A New Team blessed by Marvin Gaye, Marvin’s Star Spangled Banner spiked

Marvin-Dream-Team-USA-Star-Spangled-Banner- Nike A New Team commercial exclusively created for Beijing Olympics 2008 has so wonderfully used Marvin Gaye’s 1983’s national anthem rendition that I got really moved. This anthem Marvin performed way back at 1983 NBA All Star Game in Los Angeles. Now Nike advertising think tank has decided to use the number for New Team USA advertisement.

As the new Team USA looks forward to claiming victory in Beijing, Coach K looks back twenty-five years for new inspiration from our national anthem.

The Star Spangled Banner is played before every game to inspire the players and the fans to greatness. Coach K took a moment out of practice to share a version of the song with his players that, in its own right, made sports history.
And like Marvin and the Dream Team before them, this year’s Team USA intends to put on a show that will forever go down as one the greatest performances in the history of the sport.

To show support for the men that will represent us in Beijing, Nike Basketball brings Marvin, LeBron, Kobe, J-Kidd and the rest of the team together to pay homage to basketball, America’s game.


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