Cie Nicholson: Pepsi CMO Cie Nicholson relieved of duty, Justin Timberlake, u releived now?

justin timberlake whacked at pepsi cola ad during super bowl Cie Nicholson, Pepsi-Cola North America svp/CMO has resigned. She will “pursue other interests like travel and spend time with family” spokeswoman of the company said. Why travel, why not rather yoga classes or doing social work in China’s earthquake affected areas, I have no clue. It’s ironic Pepsi chief needs to be with family when it itself aired some anti male ad in the recent super bowl circus where Justin Timberlake got whacked in the balls again and again. Will male bashing ads make it sell more amongst men? Can we have some data please, that is about perception of men of all ages towards the brand right after Super Bowl? What does Indra Nooyi have to say on this, another progressive FEMALE at the helm of the affairs there?Cie Nicholson of Pepsi Cola is stepping down

Ms. Nicholson, who oversaw some $250 million in U.S. measured-media spending last year knew it better that in the past five years, measured media spending within Pepsi-Cola North America has continuously diminished.

Adweek report: Pepsi’s CMO prepares to exit

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