Nov 29

IAMS Pet Food Advertising Slogan, Tagline

IAMS Slogans/Taglines

Iams. Good for life.

Good for Today. Good for Life.


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Nov 29

IAMS Print Ads, TV Commercials & Billboards (Group: Procter & Gamble, Sector: Health & Beauty, Pets)


IAMS Happy Dog – Billboard


IAMS Pet Food – Outdoor


IAMS Cat Food – Billboard, Ambiance


Iams 9 Lives Cat Food – Print Ad


Iams Weight Control Dog Food: Magazine Advertisement


Iams Weight Control Dog Food: Newspaper Advertisement


Iams MINI Chunks Dog Food: Guard Dog – Print, Newspaper, Magazine Advertisement


Iams MINI Chunks Dog Food: Mountain Patrolling – Print, Newspaper and Magazine Ad


Iams MINI Chunks Dog Food: Search & Rescue – Print, Newspaper, Magazine Ad


IAMS Pet Food – Hospital – Billboard, Poster, Vehicle


IAMS Pet Food: National Space Agency – Print Ad


Iams Pet Food: Library – Print Ad


Iams Television Commercial – I Am An Iams Cat

Iams Cat Food TV Commercial: Life’s better on IAMS

I am an IAMS Dog TV advert

‘I’m an Iams Dog’ and the voice in my head sounds cool – The Nutrition Check TV ad (IAMS Dog Commercial)

IAMS Cat Food Commercial

IAM Products for Dogs and Cats:
Iams® ProActive Health™
Iams® Healthy Naturals™
Iams® Premium Protection™
Iams® Veterinary Formula
Iams® Canned Dog Food
Iams® Biscuits, Treats & Savory Sauces
Iams® Canned Cat Food

Nov 28

Movie slogans, taglines – February 2011


Movie slogans and taglines for February 2011


No slogan

The Roommate

No Slogan

Gnomeo and Juliet

Movie tagline: A Little Adventure Goes A Lawn Way

Just Go with It

No tagline

The Eagle

No slogan

Justin Bieber: Never Say Never

No slogan

I Am Number Four

No slogan

Big Mommas: Like Father, Like Son

Momma’s got back-up. February 18

Drive Angry 3D

All Hell Breaks Loose

Hall Pass

Movie tagline: Good for one week of marriage

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Nov 28

Movie slogans, taglines – January 2011


Season of the Witch

Movie slogan: This January Raise Some Hell


Movie slogan: Take Back Your Life

The Green Hornet

No slogan

The Dilemma

A new comedy from Ron Howard

The Cabin in the Woods

Movie tagline: If an old man warns you not to go there…make fun of him

If you hear a strange sound outside…have s3x

If something is chasing you…split up

Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark

No slogan

No Strings Attached

No slogan

The Way Back

Movie slogans: Inspired by real events

There escape was just the beginning

The Mechanic

Movie tagline: Someone has to Fix the Problems


Movie catchphrase: Who do you live for?

The Rite

Movie caption: You can only defeat it when you believe

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Nov 28

Movie slogans, taglines – December 2010


Movie slogans and taglines for December 2010


Black Swan

No slogan

All Good Things

Movie Slogan: The Perfect Love Story. Until it became the perfect crime

I Love You Phillip Morris

Movie slogan: Do some time with the one you love

Night Catches Us

Movie slogan: United Revolution. Divided By The Past

Rare Exports

Movie tagline: This Christmas. Everyone will believe in Santa Claus

The Tourist

Movie tagline: It all started when he met a woman

The Tempest

No slogan

The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader

Movie tagline: Take the Voyage. Live The Adventure. Discover Narnia Like You’ve Never Seen It Before

The Company Men

Movie punchline: In America, We give our lives to our jobs. It’s time to take them back

The Fighter

Movie slogan: Based on a true story

TRON: Legacy

No slogan

Yogi Bear

Movie tagline: Life’s a pic-a-nic

How Do You Know

No caption

Rabbit Hole

Love will get you through

Little Fockers

Movie motto: Kinds bring everyone closer, right?

True Grit

Movie catchphrase: Punishment comes one way or another


No slogan


No slogan

Gulliver’s Travels

No Slogan

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