Jul 26

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This exhaustive list of advertising slogans consists of more than 500 commercial slogans, taglines, punchlines and marketing mottos. I am not done yet, I keep coming back to this blogspot to add more advert slogans, more taglines, more punchlines, more mottos. If you come across any interesting slogan or tagline, do drop me this at the comment box below. Your effort will be appreciated and I will mention it with your name and web or blog address if you have any.

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Jul 20

TomTom GPS Commercial: Yoda recording for TomTom

Directions, Yoda gives…Not exactly the person…or alien you want guiding you to your destination. Watch Master Yoda during the recording of his GPS voice for TomTom.


Client: TomTom

Agency: Pool Worldwide
Post Production: The Ambassadors
Sound: The Ambassadors
Creative: Nick Schonfeld
Creative: Hesling Reidinga
Creative:Maarten Versteege
Design: Maarten Versteege
Design: Sib Hibma
Director of Photgraphy: Daan Nieuwenhuis
Producer: Emelie van Wensen
Producer: Michel de Goede
Director: Willem Gerritsen
RTV: Matthijs Horsman

The commercial titled Yoda recording behind the scenes was done by Pool Worldwide advertising agency for TOMTOM GPS NAVIGATION (TOMTOM company) in Netherlands. It was released in the July 2010. Business sector is Other vehicles, auto products & services.

Jul 20

7UP Bubbles commercial from BBDO / CNUAC Shanghai

Gaseous geysers…Popping open a 7UP creates a city of refreshing effervescence for these teenagers.


Agency: BBDO, Shanghai, China

ECDs: WF Leong, Andrew Lok
CDs: Andrew Lok, Alex Xie
Art Director: Alex Xie
Writers: Alex Xie, Bati Wu, Andrew Lok
Agency Producer: Desmond Loh
Client Servicing: Fiona Lam, Karen Fei, Yumiko Wang
Strategy Planner: Hong-Ai Shen
Production Company: Joyrider
Director: Frederik Callinggard
Cinematographer: Adam Marsden
Producer: Spencer Friend / Mads Marstrand
Post Production: Ghost
Music: RobyMeola

The commercial titled Bubbles was done by BBDO SHANGHAI advertising agency for 7UP (PEPSICO company) in China. It was released in the July 2010. Business sector are Soft drinks, Non-alcoholic drinks.

Jul 20

Nike with Armstrong for Livestrong Foundation for Engine Commercial (Video)

Nike filmed this spot with Lance Armstrong for his LIVESTRONG foundation. The message? Cycling can literally change lives. Great ad (and cool helmet). The voices of cancer survivors are heard – and seen – in this year’s Livestrong campaign. Here, Lance is driven up a mountain by the voices.

Full Credits
Wieden + Kennedy, Portland
Creative Director:
Tyler Whisnand
Creative Director:
Hal Curtis
Tyler Whisnand
Art Director:
Hal Curtis
Art Director:
Lee Jennings
Shannon Worley
Executive Creative Director:
Mark Fitzloff
Executive Creative Director:
Susan Hoffman
Agency Executive Producer:
Ben Grylewicz
Production Company:
Anonymous Content
Andrew Douglas
Executive Producer:
Dave Morrison
Line Producer:
Paul Ure
Director of Photography:
Crille Forsberg
Editorial Company:
Joint Editorial
Kyle Valenta
Peter Wiedensmith
Post Producer:
Shelli Jury
Post Executive Producer:
Patty Brebner
VFX Company:
VFX Supervisor:
Shannon Worley
Flame Artist:
Paul Yacono
VFX Producer:
Megan Meloth
Hal Curtis
Sound Design:
Brian Emrich
Audio Bed:
Kyle Valenta
Brian Eno
Brian Eno
Producer (Sound):
Shannon Worley
Producer (Sound):
Shelli Jury
Mix Company:
Eleven Sound
Jeff Payne
Producer (Mix):
DJ Fox-Engstrom


Jul 16, 2010




The commercial titled Engine was done by WIEDEN+KENNEDY advertising agency for Nike LIVESTRONG (NIKE company) in USA. It was released in the July 2010. Business sector is Clothing & footwear.

Jul 20

Lolavie: Jennifer Aniston strips down for perfume ad


Jennifer Aniston to promote her perfume, Lolavie wore only a skirt in the advertising photo shoot. Dear reader, if you can recall, Jennifer did similar thing with the first ad shoot for the fragrance (Photo at the bottom of the blogpost), she was just wearing a towel. Hmm…cool…goes well with her image, her often gossiped about love life and her classy black and white series of print ads for Lolavie.

The 41 year actress has revealed to the press how much excited she is about the perfume (ahh…gimme a break) and how she was involved with the product from the very beginning.