Sep 09

6 cute advertisements featuring birds


Chromax advert featuring birds

About the ad

Silence the birds in your stomach.
Chromax. Helps in decreasing weight.
The brief was to communicate Chromax’ main function, which is increasing the fullness feel for the patient. “My stomach birds are humming” is an Egyptian proverb used to express deep hunger. Based on this insight, we developed our concept : “Silence the birds in your stomach”.


Advertising Agency: DDB, Cairo, Egypt
Creative Director: Bassem Sabry
Art Director / Illustrator: Mohamed Gaber
Copywriters: Ramy Badr, Heba El Habashi
Published: June 2013

Volkswagen BlueMotion advert shows its Blue Motion range.

Advertising Agency: DDB, London, UK
Creative Director: Jeremy Craigen
Art Director: David Mackersey
Copywriter: Jonathan John
Designer: Pete Mould
Published: April 2012

Turkish Airlines invites passengers to fly on Valentines Day

This Valentine’s Day, take your beloved one and fly away…
Advertising Agency: McCann, Istanbul, Turkey
Chief Creative Officer: Folker Wrage
Creative Group Head / Art Director / Retouch: Firat Yildiz
Copywriter: Yavuzhan Gel
Photographer: Stock

Nat Geo in its ad depicts making room for nature

Make Room for Nature.
Advertising Agency: FoxP2, Cape Town, South Africa
Creative Directors: Justin Gomes, Andrew Whitehouse
Art Director: MIchael Lees-Rolfe
Copywriter: Gavin Williams
Illustrator: Arri Reshcke
Published: June 2012

Three Birds shows how to get more strength and vigor for birds

Advertising Agency: RBA Publicidade, Novo Hamburgo, Brazil
Creative Directors: Felipe Schlickmann, Minwer Daqawiya
Art Director / Illustrator: Vinícius Cunha
Copywriter: Angelo Pilla
Published: April 2009

Every step begins at Rikushet. More screens, more outdoors

Advertising Agency: Ben-Natan Golan, Israel
Creative Director: Tzur Golan
Published: July 2014

Mar 23

10,000 Consultants Reveal 13 Most Effective Marketing Channels

New survey reveals top 13 most effective marketing channels

Top marketing channels and tactics

This survey asked a humongous list of 10,000 consultants their favorite channels of marketing, what works for them and what doesn’t, what is the average value of a new client, how much money do they spend each year and how much do they earn. This is a fascinating study that comes with many extraordinary insights. It encompasses a plethora of statistics on how marketers spend and what their return on investment. The Marketing for Consultants Survey provides a clear advice on the best marketing channels.

Highlight and analysis

Networking and referrals are best marketing channels with the best return on investment. No its not cold calling, nor blogging, direct mail, email marketing or social media, the best way to grab more clients or orders are still old fashioned networking and referrals. Networking is by far probably the most powerful marketing technique to clinch new deals with sustenance. In this age of new age marketing, making meaningful connections and building enduring, mutually beneficial relationships still hold the key to success for organizations.

Hourly fee is not the best way to charge. It’s not even the second best. Consultants prefer to bill clients on project basis. I guess majority consultants do not like billing by the hour firstly because it limits earning potential and cannot be priced according to value. Secondly, for some projects, which cannot be quantitatively evaluated, it is difficult to accurately determine a realistic hourly estimate; and thirdly, customers can exactly estimate the cost and the project will not linger on and on. On the minus side, a big and complicated project may need a lot of negotiation where clients may not be aware of project complexities. Scope changes may need further negotiation.

Why people become consultants. The top reason is being one’s own boss. We can assume mostly consultants like to have more control and have their own rules. They run their business the way they like it and do not seek permission for implementation. The second most preferred reason is financial independence and opportunity to earn more.

Mar 22

How to Build a Successful Business Plan? 10 Strategic Tips for Entrepreneurs and Startups


Have a solid business plan before embarking on your entrepreneurship (infographics)

So, you got a nice business idea. It’s powerful and could be the next big thing. Right? But before you think of selling this mind-blowing idea to a potential suitor, you need a business plan. Or else, how would your investor know what you’re headed to. A business plan shows your vision; your intention and that you are not just winging it, it shows what you have thought through, how you have brought an idea to life, what you thought about the ecosystem, competitors, strength, weakness, opportunities and threat quotients. It helps investors visualize all of these above.

To help budding entrepreneurs craft a great business plan, Washington State University has come into the ring with its insights and advice. It has created an infographic that outlines 10 awesome guidelines on essentials of a great business plan. A business plan that tells you why writing down your ideas are important, explains how plans to run the business is critical, why communicating vision is mission critical and why every stakeholder should be on the same page.

The infographic raises some key questions on what a upcoming CEO should ask. What problems is your business going to face? How do you solve them? What’s your mission? How do you differentiate from competitors?

There’s more. A detailed business plan seeks to ask your target demographic, condition or health of the domain you are getting into plus strategies for the worst challenges. And then comes the grand daddy of all aspects, the dollar, the pound, the euro, the yen, the almighty money. How much is required to cruise through and how much  return is expected from investment.

This infographic from Washington State University is a neat one with genuine help advice. Check it out.

Oct 21


When a web browser is unable to serve or transfer a web page to a browser because the user changes his or her mind, hits the stop button or clicks another link in the halfway and opens another webpage. Abort the term refers to both requested and unexpected terminations.

Sometimes, a user may also receive “operation aborted” error message while visiting a web page. Microsoft has an answer for this:

Internet explorer aborted while viewing

Oct 21

Abandonment Rate

abandoned-glossary-shopping-cartIn digital marketing, abandonment takes place when a potential customer abandons the order at the check out after initiating the order with services or products in the virtual shopping cart.  Online retailers through abandonment rate can analyze drop of sales, user behavior and other important metrics. On average, marketers experience as good as 68% online abandonment rate.

Another report from MarketLive which tracks abandonment rates, also places cart abandonment rate at about two thirds of the time. This rate largely has been unchanged over years